You will be able to make MasterCard payments through selfies soon!

MasterCard is working on a new biometric technology named ID Check which, a few months down, will let you to make payments at stores just by clicking your selfie!

The technology will enable MasterCard to link an image of your face with your account so that the facial recognition software will realise it's you before clearing a payment. MasterCard claims that the new technology is more secure than password-based authentication processes.

Being perfected in collaboration with Google, Apple and Samsung, ID Check will digitize your face in terms of sequences like zero and one before converting your image into a hash which can be compared with your images in MasterCard's servers.

So, instead of having to swipe your phone or wearable over an NFC terminal, you will just need to take a nice selfie using a smartphone app to make a purchase. You will need to blink once, though, which will set the app's facial biometrics in motion. This is to ensure someone with a picture of yours doesn't get to shop around at your expense.

Ajay Bhalla, MasterCard’s president for enterprise safety and security, said, "The credit card company won’t be able to re-create your face from the data on their servers, ensuring you keep the image of your face to yourself. People who are into selfies — and who isn’t these days? — may opt for ID Check instead of a password."

Even though MasterCard is still working on finalizing deals with several banks, it is set to roll out a trial of ID Check with 500 users to begin with. The final launch should take place early next year.

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