Britons are now unrivalled champions of music downloads

An average British household spends over £100 every year on downloads, be it music, videos or streaming TV programmes, so says a research conducted by Samsung across Europe.

In what can be termed as an increasing habit, the survey also noted that 46 per cent of Britons stream online content at least once a week. This makes us the most prolific downloaders of online music, movies and videos, ahead of any other country in Europe.

The survey, part of Samsung's Annual Techonomic Index, is meant to measure how technology is being adopted and utilized by different countries across the continent. Having surveyed over 18,000 respondents, the survey also found that apart from online entertainment content, there was a ten per cent spike in purchase and downloads of educational content in the UK. In fact, households in the country are paying more to get digital educational material than to stream music.

The usage of apps on smartphones and tablets has also rocketed from 23 per cent last year to 54 per cent now, suggesting that people are less inclined on viewing online content on laptops or smart TVs.

The research concluded by linking acceptance of technology with financial security of the respondents. Of those interviewed in the UK, over 78 per cent felt confident about their financial status in the coming year.

Samsung's European marketing chief Stephen Taylor said, "The increased level of global connectivity means that we are currently experiencing a period of unprecedented changes. We are able to explore the world, educate ourselves and enrich our life-experiences, all from within our own homes."

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