It's confirmed! OnePlus Two will feature a fingerprint sensor

At a time when modern mobile devices feature an array of sensors that usually graced twentieth century James Bond gadgets, Chinese phonemaker OnePlus has now jumped on the bandwagon to announce a fingerprint sensor of its own.

Set to feature in its upcoming OnePlus Two flagship phone, OnePlus claims that the sensor will work accurately and will be quite fast, allowing you to unlock the Two much faster than usual, thus negating the effort of putting in PIN numbers.

OnePlus adds that though they have been working on the sensor for a while, they wanted to commercialize it only when they felt it is ready, to not to make a substandard fingerprint sensor sound more like a selling point than a useful feature.

The fingerprint sensor will require just a quick tap to unlock the phone and will be able to store up to five fingerprint profiles, which means your family members or friends will be able to unlock the phone as well. OnePlus claims that their sensor is faster than Apple's TouchID, something which we would like to see for ourselves once the gadget is available.

The news comes literally hours after several leaks suggested that the OnePlus Two will feature a fingerprint sensor. Maybe the leaks forced OnePlus to confirm it themselves rather than wait till 27 July when the official launch is set to take place.

However, OnePlus had previously stated that specifications of the Two will be revealed on its online forum in bits and parts prior to the official launch. So we aren't completely sure if the revelation today was planned in advance of if it's a knee jerk response.

What OnePlus has revealed so far about the new flagship is that it will feature a fingerprint sensor, a USB Type C port and a customised Snapdragon 810 processor that will not overheat. The next spec update will be available on or around 7 July which we think will revolve around the material and design in the OnePlus Two.

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