What is Internet of Things? And is it really important?

Smartphones and touchscreen revolutionised our world very very quickly so the approach towards Internet of Things has not quite been as measured as technology adoption usually is.

We're already living in a world of IoT

Using a range of gadgets from laptops to smartphones and now smartwatches and fitness trackers, we are essentially carrying out hundreds of activities every day using the world wide web- the objective of Internet of Things.

 You would have gotten laughed out of the room if you time hopped and told someone in the 80s that within a couple of decades there would be phones you could put in you pocket and book a theatre ticket with. And not just that, you could also reserve a table for lunch at a restaurant after reading through menus of tens of others, buy clothes to be delivered home the same day and relied on the same gadget to help you find your way to your hotel in Paris. But we are there already- using the power of the internet via a million different smart gadgets which seem to be able to speak to each other is what IoT is.

 While we can still be baffled about controlling our refrigerators, washing machines, microwaves and tellies through our phones, we often forget that we are scheduled to get there within the next five years.

 A revolution? Internet of Things? Really?

A real revolution is one which changes everything across cultures, boundaries and faith and happens quickly. This ain’t that. Internet of Things is merely a step up for those who can afford smart technology.

 Even though smart gadgets will increase exponentially, a revolution is well and truly a few decades away.

 While we're dreaming up smart cities, smart cars, smart traffic, smart homes and offices, the reality is that even now, less than half of all mobile phones in the world are smart, without counting the millions who are yet to embrace mobile technology.

Robots are NOT taking over the world!

It is very easy to hack into baby monitors, internet-enabled dog collars and smart refrigerators, IoT is like the Cloud. Everyone knows it is important but the paranoia sometimes takes over the really important bits about it.

Remember that movie where in future everyone was obese and didn’t know how to walk? Well, that’s not going to happen. 

Internet of Things is surely the way to the future and something that will be hard to avoid. However, it'll do us a world of good if we don't just rush things and go with the flow.

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