Samsung's low memory smartphones set to miss out on Lollipop

If you latched on to a budget-friendly Samsung phone last year that seemed to contain all the specs and features you wanted, the bad news is that you won't get to enjoy the Lollipop this year.

The latest casualty in a long list of phones that got turned down is the Galaxy Ace 4. As per Sammobile, Samsung UK directly replied to a Galaxy Ace 4 user, telling him that his phone won't get the Lollipop update.

The dual-SIM Galaxy Ace 4, released last year, runs on Android 4.4 Kit Kat operating system and contains an internal memory of 1GB. The refusal by Samsung to update the phone is unusual, given that only a few months ago, Samsung had confirmed that the Galaxy Ace 4 will be eligible for the upgrade.

Sammobile believes that the decision could be down to the internal memory of only 1GB which may not be large enough to spare much room for the Lollipop OS.

Earlier, Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Mini was also denied an upgrade to Lollipop OS owing to memory limitations. The S4 Mini has an internal memory of 1.5GB, which lends support to why the Ace 4 has been denied now.

Sammobile also noted that Samsung has been quite notorious in its decisions on which phones to upgrade and which not to. For example, the Android 4.4 Kit Kat upgrade was made available to Galaxy S3 users in the United States, while international users were left to stay content with the older Jelly Bean versions.

Given the inconsistencies as well as Samsung's reluctance to offer upgrades to phones with low internal memories, mid-range phone buyers should be wary of such decisions that may force them to stay stuck with obsolete devices.

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