Thync is a mood-altering wearable for your forehead

If you think that Doppel is the only game-changing device that can manipulate how you feel and behave in certain situations, here's another one that messes with your head, literally.

Thync comes with a message of “calm or energy on demand”and relies on electrical impulses to activate nerves in your brain to control your emotions through a process called transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS).



Slap the white plastic triangle onto your forehead and Thync releases electrical 'signals' aimed at your nerves that you can control directly from your smartphone. The customised neurosignals can be emitted for a maximum of an hour but the effects remain for much longer, either perking you up like 5 straight Red Bulls or lulling you to sleep.

The device can be of great help to those with sleep disorders or who face period of anxiety that they cannot otherwise control. However, it is important to remember to use it sparingly so not to desensitise your nerves.

Nevertheless, at first sight, Thync seems to be a simple yet very useful device at a time when we endure long struggles with stress and pressure of work. It can also be considered an alternative to usual suppressants like tea, coffee, alcohol or magic mushrooms.

Thync costs £200 and is a snip at the price for what it offers.

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