Home button faces the sack as Apple revamps iPhone design

Apple is reportedly working on a new design for its future iPhones that could pave way for the legendary home button to bid goodbye to future designs.

DigiTimes, a Taiwanese newsletter known to have deep-rooted sources within firms that manufacture Apple products, revealed recently that Apple's future iPhone designs will feature a complete touchscreen display with Apple's patented Force Touch technology replacing the famed home button.

While traditional iPhone users may find the new look quite odd, the feel and functioning of the touchscreen display will probably ensure that users will be able to perform functions on the screen that they usually do with the home button. The new touchscreen will reportedly field integrated fingerprint sensors which will protect the iPhone's security.

While the overall functionality of the revamped display may bring in fresh user experiences, we wonder how Apple plans to bring in a 'minimize' function which the home button now performs. With a particular window covering the entire screen, Apple may come up with an additional button on one side of the iPhone panel to minimize windows and go back to the apps menu.

However, since we have only heard about but not seen any pictures of Apple's new design, we can only speculate till we can hear something more concrete and revealing in the coming days.

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