Windows 10 set to be Microsoft’s most inclusive and innovative product ever

Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system, which will be the company's last as well as the most inclusive platform, is set for an official release on 29th July in over 190 countries.

Set to feature not only in Windows PCs and laptops, the new OS will also be seen in smartphones, tablets, the HoloLens and Xbox gaming consoles, and will be, what most critics believe, a major step forward from the failed Windows 8 platform.


Why will it be unique?

Akin to Android and iOS mobile operating systems, Windows 10 will be very much a service, offering periodic updates across all platforms that will enable users to keep their devices up to date without incurring extra costs on patch updates. This will not only be beneficial to regular users, but will also be a blow for pirated products that may not feature such periodic updates.

This feature comes as an add-on to the fact that most platforms using earlier versions of Windows operating system will be updated to Windows 10 automatically for free!


What's new in the Windows 10 OS?

Recently, Microsoft announced all the editions that the Windows 10 OS will be launched in, beginning with the oldest and the most popular desktop version. The new versions will be the Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Pro edition, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows 10 Enterprise, Windows 10 Education and Windows 10 IoT Core systems for various purposes.


Among the new features in the new operating system will be Cortana who will also make an appearance in the desktop version, a revamped music app, a new browser termed Edge that will replace Internet Explorer and a revamped Start menu that combine live tiles of Windows 8 with the Start menu of Windows 7.


Why will it be the most advanced Windows OS ever?

The development of the Windows 10 OS has been made possible thanks to Microsoft's innovative 'Insider programme' which involved over 4.4 million users across the world.

Ever since the brainstorming began, Microsoft had been acutely aware of shortcomings of the Windows 8, which spurred them to make the new programme as inclusive as it gets.

The Insider programme enabled these users to test the OS on their platforms and deliver qualitative and quantitative feedback to Microsoft through a customised app. The feedback ranged from highlighting shortcomings to suggestions on how certain features could be made more useful. In all, Microsoft received over 3 million pieces feedback that they made full use of.

Additionally, Microsoft resorted to throwing in pop-up surveys that were based on programmes and features that were recently tried out by users. This enabled users to share honest responses based on their hands-on experiences. Over 2.5 million responses were received to these instant surveys.

Microsoft's team of engineers categorized the feedback under various topics and thereby set out to study each feedback to work out fixes to issues that were raised. Finaly, Microsoft carried out over 18,000 fixes and updates to the operating system, thanks to the Insider programme.

An additional system of upvoting let users click on a '+1' vote if they agreed to a specific feedback or suggestion made by another user. This also helped Microsoft in measuring popularity of certain features and how the performances of such features had a decisive impact on user satisfaction.


The feedback app will be present in all platforms that will run the new Windows 10 OS post launch, enabling the general public to help Microsoft with regular feedback on performance and other issues.

Gabe Aul, head of the Windows Insider programme, said, "We sort of think about Windows 10 as the beginning of this long-term service that we’re providing for Windows customers, and we will continue to keep people current and up-to-date, and we’ll keep adding new functionality over time, so the Insider programme as part of that just makes sense.

We’re going to continue this capability that we have to listen, hear feedback as part of that service, because it really is so crucial to us to be able to deliver the right features and capabilities for customers."  

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