Google brings in free streaming service to rival Apple Music

Just a week before Apple music is set for a global launch in over 100 countries, Google launched its own free music streaming service yesterday.

The free service is now available online and will appear in iOS and Android platforms in a week from now. Through this service, users will be able to listen to genre-based or theme-based playlists as per their preferences.


However, the service will not be available offline and the song collection isn't as exhaustive as with Spotify or the upcoming Apple Music. Another source of irritation could be the presence of commercial ads. To avoid these issues, users can upgrade to $9.99 monthy suubscription for two years.

The limitations in the free streaming service has been kept intact to offer an incentive for customers to upgrade to paid subscriptions. Google said that though millions of people are aware about the Google Play Music, very few in fact opt for the paid subscriptions.

With the launch of Google's free streaming service not accompanied with as much fanfare as with the Apple Music launch, it will be interesting to see if people will be convinced enough to opt for Google's free service over Apple Music. In any case, Apple three-month free trial period gives users complete access to Apple Music's songs and services as opposed to Google's restricted services.

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