PowerTel M9000: A phone with Android OS for the elderly

When Amplicomm decided to launch the new  PowerTel M9000, they uncovered probably the most suitable and easy to use smartphone for the elderly in the UK.

The PowerTel M9000 is a 4 inch smartphone featuring a standard TFT-LCD display, a dual core 1.2 GHz CPU and a 1,600 mAh battery. It runs on the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system complemented by a 512MB RAM and 4GB internal storage.

Apart from its design, what set the PowerTel M9000 apart from most low-cost phones are its user-friendly features. Ranging from an emergency call button, a 90dB ringer volume to a 40dB incoming speech volume along with bright and well placed menus, the phone will ensure that those with hearing  and visual problems and who find it hard to remember phone numbers will face no such problems with the phone.

Users can also set Talking Caller IDs for as many as ten callers so that the elderly with visual problems will be able to hear who's calling at any point of time. The phone is also surprisingly light at 126g and its user-friendly dimensions make it easy to hold and carry.

The battery at 1,600 mAh is sufficient for less demanding users and for a phone with limited features and a power-efficient processor. The standby time is over a week and the phone performs admirably while handling long calls and internet surfing.

Despite limiting itself on several fronts, the PowerTel M9000 contains both front and back cameras, with the primary one featuring a 5MP resolution.

Even though the phone's basic function is to make and receive calls, other functions like browsing and playing Android games suffer a bit as the touchscreen responsiveness isn't up to the mark. Syncing the device with the computer to transfer media files and pictures is also an arduous task that most elders won't be willing to undertake.

However, for those with special needs and who aren't really up to date with the progress of mobile technology, the PowerTel M9000 serves as a convenient option to connect with their near and dear ones.

The PowerTel M9000 can be purchased for £139.99 inclusive of VAT and is available with Wi-Fi internet connectivity only.

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