Apple Watch 2 set for release early next year

Just a day after Apple announced availability of the Apple Watch in physical stores worldwide, rumours have crept up the ladder about the Apple Watch 2 surfacing as early as next year.

The Apple Watch, despite several limitations that usually hinder brand new gadgets, was an instant hit when released back in April. Existing Apple users fell for the simplistic design, the numerous likeable watch faces and the premium gold versions that Apple designated as pure luxury products.

9to5Mac, a news source that exclusively covers Apple's gadgets and technologies, has quoted several sources to claim that the upcoming Apple Watch 2 will bring in several new features like a video camera for FaceTime conversations, Wi-Fi connectivity as well as new premium models to cater to luxury buffs.

With the new Apple Watch 2, users will be able to make FaceTime conversations using Wi-Fi connectivity which signals the Watch's independence from being connected to an iPhone at all times. At the same time, users will also be able to route incoming FaceTime calls to their iPhones if they prefer a bigger display.

The new device will also feature a new wireless chipset that will enable it to connect to available Wi-Fi networks. This will make it fairly independent of iPhone connectivity except for critical functions like software updates and file synchronizations.

A new Find my Watch feature will also be incorporated which will ensure a lost Apple Watch to be traced through Wi-Fi router triangulation technology instead of the traditional GPS.

Apart from these technology upgrades, Apple is also said to be planning several new models that would range between $1000 and $10,000 price tags. This would ensure people with a liking for luxury watches won't have to pay too high a price for the Apple Watch 2. The new models could be given various names like Titanium, Platinum, Tungsten or Palladium.

Given that new technologies of such stature would require an expansive upgrade in the operating system, the Apple Watch 2 will surely be based on the new WatchOS 2.0 which is set for release this fall.

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