Apple copyrights its predictive text feature QuickType

Apple has been granted a new patent for it's QuickType technology that aims at offering users various text prompts which can either be commonly used phrases or entire sentences based on past conversations and writing styles of users.

"Now you can write entire sentences with a few taps. Because as you type, you'll see choices of words or phrases you'd probably type next, based on your past conversations and writing style," said Apple.

QuickType was included as one of the most prominent features of iOS 8 which was released late last year.

"iOS 8 takes into account the casual style you might use in Messages and the more formal language you probably use in Mail. It also adjusts based on the person you’re communicating with, because your choice of words is likely more laid back with your spouse than with your boss. Your conversation data is kept only on your device, so it’s always private," said Apple during the launch of iOS 8.

Apart from English, the pretictive text feature has also been optimized for French, German, Italian, Thai, traditional Chinese, Japanese, Brazilian Portugese and Spanish languages, covering almost the whole of Europe and large parts of Asia.

The new copyright will now ensure that the QuickType feature will be restricted to iOS devices, though we are sure other gadget makers will bring in similar texting functionality in the coming days. Apart from QuickType, Apple also won patents on a new AMOLED display for Macbooks and iPhones as well as an electronic device with Compact camera module.

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