Overheating issues with Sony Xperia Z3+ to do with Snapdragon 810 processor

Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon 810 chip is in the news again. Having been left out of LG's G4 flagship phone which incorporated the Snapdragon 808 SoC instead, recent revelations suggest users of the Xperia Z4 in Japan and the European variant Xperia Z3+ are now facing overheating issues with their gadgets featuring the Snapdragon 810 chip.

Retailers in Japan have issued advisories to Xperia Z4 users, asking them to turn off their phones from time to time to avoid overheating issues while multi-tasking or running heavy apps and games. This is based on a flurry of complaints from users that has now forced Sony to promise a software update in the coming days to resolve the issue.

Reportedly, the Xperia phones running the Snapdragon 810 periodically display pop up messages stating that several applications will need to shut down due to overheating. This will obviously inconvenience users who specifically bought the Xperia phones to run those programmes smoothly that lesser phones couldn't.

Qualcomm, who are now reportedly working on a new Snapdragon 820 chip, have been fire-fighting these issues ever since Samsung migrated to the Adreno chips for their high-end smartphones. EVen though Snapdragon 810 chips are currently powering several devices launched by Microsoft,  Xiaomi, Motorola and Sony at present, finding future takers for their chips could become difficult if overheating issues remain a persistent problem in the long term.

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