Apple's next iPhone to feature flash and panorama capability in its front camera

Apple's next iPhone, the iPhone 6S or the iPhone 7, depending on what you want to call it, may feature a series of improvements in the front camera, as per a series of codes found hiding in the iOS 9 operating system.

The revamped front camera should include a flash, panoramic capability and 1080 pixel resolution as against the existing 720 pixels.

The new flash feature may allow users to take bright selfies in low-light conditions, includng perfect darkness, which should compensate for some severe criticism that iPhone cameras have faced over the years. In addition, the bigger resolution should allow selfies to be more defined and appear less pixelated when seen in larger screens like in iPads and computers.

While this should bring goose bumps to those who are looking forward to lay their hands on the new iPhone, what should excite them even more is that the front facing camera may also allow them to take panoramic selfies in wider backdrops. For instance, users will now be able to capture themselves during a game of football with the entire stadium in the background.

Apart from the big ticket features, romour chains are also hinting on an improved low light sensor in the front camera which should let you take better selfies even if you do not wish to turn the flash on.

Apple has so far lagged behind in camera technology while other gadget makers have brought in innovative features like smile captures, gesture control and selfie timers. Given that iOS 9 is now available to developers to practise their trades, we should see a chain of new camera apps based on the new technologies crowding App Store come September.

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