You won't be able to make payments of more than £20 via Apple Pay

Several major banks in the UK that will support transactions through Apple Pay when it launches in July have confirmed that the value of each transaction will not exceed £20, says BBC.

However, the minimum value of transactions could possibly be increased to £30 by September this year. This means you will never be able to shop at any of Apple's retail stores in the UK using Apple Pay. At least for now.

Such limitations should not impact purchase of tickets on the London transportation system where ticket prices never really go beyond the £20 mark. Users will be able to make payment by placing their iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus or their Apple Watches over contactless pads available with retailers.

Separate agreements with some retailers should allow higher payments to be made via Apple Pay, though we have not come across any such deals as yet. As of now, major retailers like Marks and Spencer, Waitrose and Tesco have confirmed that they will support Apple Pay, and so will London Underground.

Apart from using their iPhones and Apple watches, customers in the UK will also be able to make payments online using new finger print technology which should be available later this year.

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