Hands-on review: 4GEE Action Cam


EE unveiled the world's first 4G connected action camera in London today.

A Go-Pro like connected device which takes a 4G SIM card, will be available from 16th June and is available to pre-order from today.

The 4GEE Action Cam allows users to broadcast video, also giving them the option to select resolution either on the camera itself or on the accompanying app and live stream all the action on the go. 

We had a little play with the camera, and here is our hands-on review of the dinky yet powerful camera.

4GEE Action Cam: Look and feel

Weighing a tiny 128 grams, the camera is not much bigger than a matchbox with dimensions of 59.2X 42.7 X 51.3 mm. The construction seems very robust and there are two main colour-coded buttons on the top to either take still images or switch the camera on or off.


The camera comes with two different types of cases: a ruggedised case enables you to use the camera underwater and the case makes it submersible upto 60 metres. And the other light weight option allows you to mount the camera on a helmet, onto a tripod, on your bike's handlebars and more.

Because the camera is not just aimed at action adventure but also families- the light-weight case will be quite handy for mounting the camera on top of your television set to broadcast such family favourite moments like first steps, birthday parties and general chatter.

4GEE Action Cam: Audio and Video clarity

A battery PCI for a DSLR camera comes to mind when you hold the camera in your hand.

What we liked the most is the fact that you can control everything on the camera not only through the two physical buttons it has on its body but also through a wearable which acts like a dashboard when you are out indulging in adventure sports. The silicone-strap digital watch is every inch a sports watch and you would find it difficult to differentiate it from a Garmin Forerunner.

The app is via Skeegle- an online video sharing platform and is EE branded through and through. Think of it as a social media platform that can be as private or public as you want it to be.



You can use Facebook to login and then poke/prompt your friends and family to sign up too, however, they don't need to have a Skeegle account to be able to watch the videos.

Every video or still image you record is stored on the cloud and you can send the URL to people at any point. For each user that you send the video link to, Skeegle generates a different URL so no two people can watch the video through the same link at the same time.

The way it works is- you can get the camera to start recording video and as soon as it does, the app can then automatically send a text message to everyone in your 'circle'. Very similar to Google+, you can have corcles of friends, family, acquaintances that you can then use as a default so when the video is being recorded, the link is texted to the target group of people.

Right from 480p through to 1080p, you can set the resolution you want on the videos you record. Similarly with the still images, the camera is 13-MP and there are a series of options available for you to either take one image or a 'burst' of images.

EE have said that the Action Camera is not just aimed at adventure sports junkies but also families and they are sweetening the deal with bundled packages along with smartphones. The camera will be available on their shared plans as well as to buy outright.

Would you buy a 4G Action Camera and leave the phone behind?

Answers on postcard!

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