EE unveils Go-Pro rival 4G connected Action Camera

EE, one of the best known mobile network operators in the UK, have unveiled their first new Action Camera which supports 4G streaming for transferring pictures and digital videos over the internet.

Developed by Taiwanese firm BenQ, the 4GEE Action camera has been developed specifically for outdoor usage and comes with a waterproof casing for activities like swimming and surfing. The device sports a 13MP camera with full HD video capability and an internal memory of 2.5 GB. Users can also store additional data worth up to 64 GB in a removable SD card.

The move by EE is aimed at marketing their 4G networks for use beyond smartphones which is now saturated with a large number of network operators vying for supremacy. At the same time, the launch of the 4G camera is another step towards the Internet of Things setup which will eventually see a host of home and business appliances getting connected to the internet.

Olaf Swantee, EE’s chief executive, said, “This is a big deal for us. We looked across the industry and saw nobody had a plan to launch a 4G-enable camera. We believe we are the only operator with the network quality to support it so we developed it ourselves.”

Since the camera can be used extensively for mountaineering, swimming, cross country riding and other activities which could take place far from the cities, the avalability of consistent 4G network will be essential for the device to perform optimal digital video streaming. Whether EE will be able to live up to the task will be interesting to note.

You can now order the 4GEE Action camera from EE's online stores for  £299 on pay-as-you-go basis or for £49.99 with a contract. Existing pay monthly mobile customers will also be able to get the device for free by paying an extra £10 or £15 per month for the additional SIM card with 4G data.

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