Worried about your battery-sapping Facebook app? Here's Facebook Lite for you!

While we were busy being impressed  by Google's new initiatives on making certain aspects of Google Maps and YouTube available for offline use, global social media giant Facebook have quietly launched a new 'Facebook Lite' app that Facebook says will run much faster and will use less data in regions with low internet bandwidths.

Being made available in Asia, the new app will be rolled out in Europe, Africa and Latin America in due course. The release is being prioritized for developing countries where 4G internet speeds are yet to be made available and where 3G speeds are sparingly available.

The new app, along with being compatible with low bandwidth, will also be less cumbersome for your mobile phone. It will run faster and will consumer lesser battery than the existing Facebook app.

Once you download the Facebook Lite app, you will be able to view and edit News Feeds, view notifications, make status updates as well as upload photos on your app. However, the app will not support videos and advanced location services.

While the Facebook app is used almost universally in developed countries, its usage is impeded in poor and developing countries where people cannot afford high-spec smartphones or do not have access to advanced internet bandwidth. With this new app, we should see Facebook winning fans in a much larger user community than it is now.

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