Are you a serial #foodporn hashtagger? Google knows how much you weigh!

Google is interestingly working on a tool called Im2Calories that can analyze and recognize food through pictures uploaded on Instagram and can even calculate the exact calorie content.

Recently, several food photography accounts on Instagram have begun catching quick attention of the masses. The 'food porn' saga finally caught attention of Google who now want to patent the new tool.

If you just worked out a great recipe and show off its looks on your Instagram account, the new tool can even tell you how many calories you've churned up so that you can make adjustments to the recipe as per your liking.

Kevin P Murphy, a Google researcher, according to the Guardian, said that the new tool "will analyze the depth of pixels in an image and employ “sophisticated deep-learning algorithms” to judge the size and shape of a foodstuff."

“To me it’s obvious that people really want this and this is really useful. OK fine, maybe we get the calories off by 20%. It doesn’t matter. We’re going to average over a week or a month or a year. Now we can start to potentially join information from multiple people and start to do population-level statistics. I have colleagues in epidemiology and public health, and they really want this stuff,” he added.

However, the tool is in the process of being polished and patented, and we should see it surface by the end of the year. Though we are still not sure what Google intends to do by delving into population-level statistics.


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