What you should know about the next big Apple conference

On June 8, Apple will host their next Worldwide Developer Conference, an event known as the platform for the Cupertino giant to release their periodic updates and new tech launches for developers and consumers.

This time, we expect Apple's list of new launches to revolve around their new ecosystem- the iOS 9.

Phil Schiller, Apple senior vice president of worldwide marketing, said "We've got incredible new technology for iOS and OS X to share with developers at WWDC and around the world, and can't wait to see the next generation of apps they create."

iOS 9 is also expected to provide enough time for developers to create apps in time for the next iPhone launch in September. Here's a list of some iOS 9 updates that should interest you:


Force Touch

Force Touch, Apple's latest piece of patented technology that debuted with the new MacBook, will be launched along with the iOS 9 operating system and, yes, it will feature in the upcoming iPhone 6S.Force Touch will ensure users will be able to perform pressure-sensitive scrolling through the home button that will perform similar to the trackpad in the MacBook.

As per the 9to5mac, "Force Touch will be integrated into Maps to drop new pins, into media players for pressure-sensitive scrolling, into the Calendar for adding new events, and across the system for quickly looking up word definitions."


Apple Pay

While Tim Cook had confirmed that the Apple Pay will be alive and kicking in Europe before the end of this year, some new developments suggest that the launch could take place at the WWDC.

Belgium’s KBC Bank recently tweeted that support for the Apple Pay will be available this summer, before deleting the tweet.

It is also believed that Apple has met all the necessary requirements and does not retain any personal or financial information of customers. Business Insider UK had stated back in December that "Bankers [in the UK] are falling all over themselves to get involved with Apple Pay."

We should expect an announcement with respect to the Apple Pay launch in UK at the WWDC.


Apple Maps

As reported by 9to5Mac, the Apple Maps app will be updated with public transportation data which will include bus, subway and train directions. This could, if implemented properly, be hugely beneficial for daily commuters and those who are not too conversant with directions like tourists and business travellers.

It was also reported that this new feature could have been included in iOS 8 but was withdrawn at the last moment. This was because only a limited cities were covered at that stage and also because it faced several data inconsistencies and personnel issues.

The move comes exactly a year after Google Maps started providing public transport directions for the entire UK, including bus, train, tram and ferry routes in May last year.

The remodelled Map will also feature a new 'Transit view' apart from the existing Standard, Hybrid, and Satellite/Flyover views, and will enable users to spot airports, stations and subways quickly on the app.


Beats Music

A streaming service powered by Beats will be integrated into iOS, iTunes and Apple TV, helping users integrate their playlists across devices, prioritize their music library and look for tracks on the iTunes/Beats catalogue.

Gone will be the red/black hues we have come to associate with Beats, Apple will be redesigning the look and feel of the service so it echoes the Apple colour palate more closely. We are thinking silvers and greys.

Apple is also rumoured to be working on making Android apps for Beats music, a fact that could be announced in the upcoming developer conference.


Apple Watch

Apple have already announced that the WWDC should kick off the launch of a software development kit to create Watch-native apps.

Given the upcoming WWDC will be the first developer conference post the Apple Watch launch, not much else is expected from the Cupertino giant with respect to software up0dates or design revamps.

Apple have released the first Watch OS update 1.01 recently ahead of the conference, so any significant updates should be expected in September when we could see the next iteration of the Apple Watch being announced.



We should expect further updates to be announced on the HomeKit, Apple's platform to make iOS devices the perfect home for the future of internet of things. A range of home and business devices should be covered in the new revamp.

With all these new launches, Apple is set to make iOS devices more universal in scope with a view to make you perform all kinds of activities straight from your phone. While we covered a list of updates that have been doing the rounds in gossip coloumns in the last few months, we won't be surprised if Apple do bring in a few unexpected additions at the conference.

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