Android Pay gets major boost with Visa partnership

Google's Android Pay platform received a major boost in its rivalry with Apple Pay through a new partnership with Visa.

Merchants and financial institutions across the world that have made payment options available through Android Pay will now be able to boast secure Visa payment options as well via in-phone apps.

Visa cardholders will also be able to make contactless in-store payments directly from their Android phones without having to swipe their cards every time they make a purchase. This will be made possible through an integration of Android Pay’s secure APIs with Google’s existing Host Card Emulation (HCE) functionality.

Given that the new partnership finally paves the way for contactless payment platforms to dominate future transactions, Visa hailed it by terming it "another example of why we say that 2015 is the year mobile payments will at last become a commercial reality”

Android Pay was unveiled recently by Google at their developers conference in San Francisco, with the latter stating that the new function will work in over 7,00,000 NFC terminals across United States. The platform has brought in numerous banks, retailers, mobile carriers and payment networks to participate in the programme, ensuring a universal platform for Android phone users to make contactless payments in future.

Like with the Apple Pay, you will be able to store your credit cards, loyalty cards and other sensitive information in your phone through which you will be able to perform transactions from your phone.

With the Apple Pay platform set to enter the UK this summer after a successful launch in the United States where it received widespread support from banks and retailers alike, it will be a tough ask for Android Pay to match up with the former in the coming days. However, the partnership with Visa could turn out to be the turning point for the Android ecosystem.

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