A mere text message can now reboot your iPhone

A malicious new bug in the form of a text message has exposed a rare loophole in the iOS ecosystem, making your iPhone reboot itself without warning.

While similar malware have been detected and smothered by Apple swiftly in the past, the mere presence of such bugs can be highly irritating until they're fixed.

If you are using your iPhone when you receive such a text, the messages app will automatically crash, thus deleting everything that you just typed. If your iPhone is in a locked mode when the message is received, it can cause the iPhone to reboot without showing any prompts.

It seems that the bug is being used on a large scale, given the hundreds of complaints surfacing on Twitter recently. The strand in the bug is very specific and there's little chance you'll receive such a text from your circle of friends unless you're being specifically targeted.

There has been no statement from Apple on the new bug strand as yet, though we're sure that a fix should be on the way soon. 

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