Android users to get Cortana within a month

Cortana, Microsoft's super girl who the software giant believes will change the way mobile users communicate in the future, is set to make her first leap beyond the struggling Windows platform in the coming days.

Microsoft officially announced that Cortana will make her first appearance in Android phones by the end of June. Her foray in iOS devices will, however, have to wait until the end of the year.

Windows phones, which garnered less than 1 per cent of total smartphone sales in 2014, hardly seem to be the ideal platforms to launch new initiates that involve huge investments. Microsoft has been aware of this, and hence launched their Phone Companion app for iOS and Android which aimed at making Android and iOS devices compatible with Windows 10 computers.

Cortana will work within the Phone companion setup, and will perform in a similar way as the personal assistant in Windows computers. Her range of functions will include flight tracking, monitor traffic and calculate the time required to travel between destinations as well as giving daily reminders.

However, in Android and iOS platforms, Cortana will not be able to access third party apps not will she be able to respond to the 'Hey Cortana' voice command which she does in Windows phones. However, with the available range of functions, she may still be a very handy assistant for mobile users.

With Apple having established Siri as the default personal assistant for iOS devices through a series of updates over the years, it will be interesting to see if Cortana will be able to dislodge Siri as the preferred assistant in the coming years.

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