O2 signal failure gives customers a sleepless night

O2 Customers across the UK were treated to a sleepless night as network failure shut down services like sending and receiving calls, texts as well as 3G internet data.

The worst hit region was Northampton where people took to Twitter in large numbers to convey their disappointment. The social network was abuzz with consumer complaints from other regions too.

O2 suggested that the loss of coverage was due to issues with several phone masts across the country, which were contained an hour past midnight. The company also advised users to switch off their phones and turn them on again to start receiving fresh signals.

However, users still reported lack of coverage till much later in the night. O2 also sought to contain the unrest on Twitter, posting several tweets to assure users that services had resumed.

"We have taken steps to minimise the impact and some customers have seen their service return. We apologise for any inconvenience and continue to do all we can to restore service for customers who remain impacted," an O2 spokesman said.

Back in June 2012, a much worse network collapse had left hundreds of thousands of O2 users across the country stranded for over 24 hours, an incident which had caused a major loss of face for the mobile network operator.

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