Instagram offers highlights for lesser active users

Popular photo sharing enterprise Instagram has begun sharing 'Highlights' for users who have not been active in the recent past. This move is aimed at encouraging number of visits and to allow users to browse pictures more frequently than in the recent past.

Recently, Instagram did not allow Twitter to pin-in Instagram pictures to ensure Twitter did not offer users a separate platform for viewing them.

The new 'Highlights' feature will let lesser active users to view updates and pictures posted chronologically since they last logged in to the website or the app.

It will also ensure that these users will be able to sort and view pictures posted by their close friends rather than go through the entire arsenal of updates that occurred post their last login attempt.

Instagram have increasingly focused themselves on revenue generation as much as providing the optimum experience to their user base. However, whether the highlights feature will bring in increased usage by lesser active users is something that only time can tell.

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