Apple lets out the iPhone 6C months before it is due

While rumours have been rife on whether Apple will reintroduce the cheaper version of their iPhones since the not-so-starry performance by the iPhone 5C two years ago, an image posted by Apple in their website reignited memories of the iPhone 5C.

The image was in support of the new iPhone Lightning charging dock that Apple intended to promote, but several visitors on the site spotted an iPhone 5C-like device with a TouchID sensor.

It is common knowledge that the iPhone 5C never possessed the sensor, so it may have been an inadvertent lapse on Apple's part to have shown pictures of a device several months prior to launch.

Which makes one thing clear- the iPhone 6C is a reality that we can be sure of at this stage until Apple comes up with a statement to the contrary. Along with the TouchID fingerprint sensor, we should expect several features to be incorporated in the new 'budget iPhone' that were introduced after the iPhone 5C launch. Apple Pay, anyone?

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