The best smartphones for under-£200

You are on the lookout for a fabulous phone but the purse strings are tight and the credit card has been maxed out by as comination of Black Friday/ Cyber Monday.

Here are the best phones to biy right now for under-£200 that will deliver the best features, looks and specs at a price which is a fraction of the flagships but be no meanie when it comes to performance, speed and resilience.

Here are some of the phones that we think are the best value for money smartphones that you can buy for under £200.

Motorola Moto G 4G in-depth review


The Motorola Moto G isn't the cheapest proposition anymore like its predecessors were, but it still packs a solid punch for the money you shell out for it.

Customisable looks, IPX7 rating so it can be dunked endlessly and a bloat-free Android experience that you will not find easily. You get slightly over 11GB of free memory to use for the 16 GB version as well as a microSD card drawer through which you can expand memory upto 32GB.

The camera is vastly improved and with the Assist functionality, Motorola are onto a winner.

Wileyfox Storm in-depth review 


It is a great phone at a great price. The camera wowed me and I have come to like Cyanogen, especially because of the ease of finding apps and the Truedialler feature. Expandable memory, dual SIM capabilites and the full HD screen makes it one to watch, especially at our awards show next year.


Honor 7 in-depth review

Usually £249, but after VMall discount is £200

A powerhouse of a performer, the phone took everything we threw at it and we are more than impressed with its top notch credentials and we had earlier said that the 6 Plus at just under £300 was unbeatable... we have to use those words again.

Huawei must want a piece of the western phone market pie very very bad, to dish out a 4G phone like this one for so little. But then the online-only strategy must have helped too! Honor 7 makes us feel hopefuly that manufacturers will not find it easy to take our money and tell us quality is not possible for a low price because with the Honor 7, we see that it is all possible.

Whatever way you look at it, we love it!

Oppo R7 in-depth review


A fabulous phone, the Oppo R7 has made flagships costing over £400 look overpriced and under-powered.

The phone over reaches in its aim to be an iPhone 6 lookalike and it ends up looking more like an iPhone 5 than 6 with the squarer edges. It comes with a case and the charger juices the R7 upto 60 percent in 15 minutes, even though some major gripes remain.


But Oppo are a worthy contender out there, in the hellfire of the mid-range market where the heavy weights are jumping into. They provide a very good option for the under-£200 mark where heavy-weight manufacturers are trying to push their prices down to. You can only use the Oppo R7 with a 4G SIM-card from EE or 3, but given how it behaved during our time reviewing it, you will have no regrets. 

Microsoft Lumia 640 XL


Not only do you get a free upgrade to Windows 10, the 640 XL is a phablet with a Snapdragon processor and has an impressive 5.7" Gorilla Glass screen, so it's easy to read and edit documents wherever you are. Get more done, faster, with a seamless Microsoft Office experience, powerful processor and battery that gives 24 hours' talk-time. Expect outstanding pictures from the 13MP Zeiss optics main camera with LED flash. And the 5MP front-facing camera, which is both HD and wide-angle, makes the 640 XL a clear choice for videoconferencing.

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    Guest31st Jan 2016

    I think you missed a really great phone for under £200 its the ASUS ZenFone 2 551ml with 4gb ram and 32gb this phone is great

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