Huawei steps into Internet of Things space with new OS launch

In its first ever move towards making the Internet of Things a possibility on a global scale, Chinese tech giant Huawei have designed a new operating system that focusses on letting both home and business appliances communicate with one another.

Launched at Huawei Network Congress 2015 in Beijing earlier today, the new operating system Named LiteOS will work as part of an overall 'Agile IoT' architecture which will facilitate communication between several appliances over the internet. Being an open standard platform, Agile IoT will enable developers to easily produce devices that can perform within the architecture. Apart from the operating system, the architecture will also rely on an Agile IoT gateway and an Agile controller to function optimally.

Taking up just 10KB space, LiteOS can be applied to several kinds of appliances like connected vehicles, smart homes and wearables. With auto-discovery and auto-networking at its core, it does not require any configuration and will be available to all developers.

William Xu, chief strategy and marketing officer at Huawei, said, "Huawei believes that standardizing ICT infrastructure will foster the development of Internet applications, including IoT applications. To address this, Huawei is launching our Internet of Things operating system, LiteOS."

Xiaomi, Huawei's stiffest competitor at home, have already begun building a similar infrastructure centred around its best smartphones. Even though the Internet of Things is a recent phenomenon, Huawei isn't among the first firms to truly invest in it for the long term. As recently as in February, Forbes touted Apple as the leader in IoT technology because of its unmatched user base, the rousing success of Swift, Apple's software language for developers, as well as the IBM MobileFirst, a joint venture between Apple and IBM which is developing applications for multiple industries so that business users can carry out all their tasks directly from their iPhones and iPads.

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