Major Apple Watch security risk exposed

The Apple Watch, the dream possession of millions across the world, is meant to function optimally when connected to an iOS 8 device via Bluetooth. Once paired, viewing call notifications, texts, emails and app notifications is quite easy on the Watch.

As an added security measure, to ensure that the owner of the Apple Watch will be the only one who can use it at all times, Apple introduced the wrist detection technology. This ensures that once the Apple Watch is removed from your wrist, it will ask for the passcode without which it will be tough to access any of the watch's features.

However, the Apple Watch has not been blessed with an Activation Lock which is a default feature on all iPhones with iOS 7 and iOS 8 operating systems. The Activation Lock ensures that devices cannot be reset without an Apple ID and password. The absence of the Activation Lock in the Apple Watch does bring in an element of susceptibility to threats, something which was brutally exposed recently.

A YouTube video posted by iDownloadBlog demonstrated that a thief can easily reset all setting on an Apple Watch without having to enter any Activation code and then pair it with any other iPhone.

A long press on the Contacts button will bring up the power off option. By Force touching this option, you can view a dialogue which goes like 'Are you sure you want to continue? All media, data and settings will be erased. This cannot be undone.' After the same is accepted, the Watch is as good as new.

The security leak has been revealed recently, and we wonder if Apple knew about this issue beforehand. Now that it has been made public, we are sure a fix is on the way.

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