American network FreedomPop to offer data, texts and minutes absolutely free

American mobile network FreedomPop has announced its intention of setting up shop across the pond in the near future.

The network is aiming to offer up to 200MB of data, 200 texts and 200 minutes every month to customers in the UK absolutely free, confirming that it "believes mobile access is a right and not a privilege and is committed to offering basic levels of mobile service 100% truly free."

However, it won't run a charity after all, and will earn from additional services that customers will opt for apart from those being offered for free.

Backed by Niklas Zennstom, the founder of Skype, the network will also offer customers with the ability of using internally different numbers in addition to their UK numbers. Taking up an international number in the same SIM will cost you an additional £2 per month. However, if you make calls or receive calls from the country where the number belongs, you will be charged at local rates.

Offering a niche product to UK customers that regular operators do not provide, the network also assures that you will be able to roll over your unused data to the next month and offers anonymous browsing as well.

Steven Sesar, co-founder of FreedomPop, said, "In the UK there is a lot of interest in the lower-use end of the market which is where we plan to wipe out the guys offering £5-£10 data plans."

However, with the very limited data being offered for free, customers may have to use the SIMs only sparingly or as a backup to avoid paying additional rates which may not be that cheap. FreedomPop are yet to announce a complete rate-list for all the packages that they may offer in the UK.

The launch is set to take place in the summer. 

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