Ofcom report highlights EE as the most-complained-about provider

Telecom industry regulator Ofcom released a report on consumer complaints levelled against major telecom and pay TV services yesterday.

The report contains comprehensive data on complaints in the last three quarters of 2014, that is, from April to December of last year, and covers data on all operators with at least 1.5 per cent market share in the relevant category.

The data should help you choose the best operator for your needs in terms of products and services offered by operators. The volume of complaints decreased significantly as compared to those made in 2013, signifying that operators are indeed taking steps to improve performance and meeting consumer expectations.


Landline services

In terms of landline services, EE notched up the highest number of complaints on changing provider, fault, service and provision problems and customer bills.

On the other hand, Virgin Media and Sky received the least number of complaints, with Virgin attracting just 0.06 complaints per 1000 customers.

Other major providers like Plusnet, TalkTalk, BT and Post Office HomePhone were also at the receiving end of customer complaints that exceeded the industry average.


Broadband services

The story was the same with Broadband services with both Virgin Media and Sky attracting the least complaints. EE drew the most complaints followed by BT, Plusnet and TalkTalk on issues relating to faults, service and provision problems, complaints handling and problems changing provider. Overall, customer complaints on broadband services averaged 0.42 complaints per 1000 customers.


Pay-monthly mobile telephone services

EE emerged yet again as the most-complained about provider of pay-monthly services. However, Vodafone topped the list in the last quarter of 2014. Tesco Mobile performed admirably with just 0.02 complaints per 1000 customers.


Pay TV services

BT TV drew complaints to the tune of five times of the industry average with 0.15 complaints per 1000 customers. TalkTalk was slightly better with 0.10 complaints per 1000 customers while Sky performed the best with just 0.01 complaints per 1000 subscribers. Most complaints ranged on service faults and provisioning, complaints handling and problems changing provider.


Claudio Pollack, Director of Ofcom’s Content and Consumer Group, said, “Complaints figures help inform consumers’ choices of telecoms and pay TV services. There are now more providers included in our report, so people can compare complaints figures for all the biggest companies. While operators still have room to improve their performance, it’s encouraging to see a continuing decline in the total volume of complaints.”


You can read Ofcom's detained report here.

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