Gear up for the next Android OS for your smartphone

Google is set to unveil its new Android M version of its mobile operating system at its next I/O conference set to be held at the end of May.

While the existing Lollipop OS seems relatively new with only 10 per cent of Android users using it at present, Google is aiming to bring in a plethora of updates to maintain its leadership in the smartphone markets.

Apart from the very popular iOS OS, Android's domination has been threatened recently by several phonemakers who have developed or are in the process of developing their own ecosystems for future smartphones.

Samsung, the world's largest smartphone maker in terms of sales and revenues, has introduced its new Tizen mobile operating system. Tizen debuted with the Samsung Gear and the Gear 2 Neo followed by the Samsung Z smartphone which was later launched in Russia.

Developed in partnership with Intel, Tizen works on HTML-5 which is a developers' darling, offering shorter development cycles and lesser cost for developing apps. It also works and feels a lot like Android  and can be used in smartphones, TVs, laptops and in-car entertainment systems.

To checkmate the emergence of Tizen, Google is expected to introduce Android M with  features like a new Android for Work tool which could make Android the preferred OS for you if you are involved in businesses, on-the-road jobs, logistics and warehousing needs.

The Android M is also expected to bring to you a new Voice Access and Proximity-based communication which should allow you to interact with your devices through voice commands and also  discover and communicate with nearby devices.

While Google hasn't been quite vocal about the Android M, let alone announcing it, we are sure we'll be able to bring you more details about the new OS before the launch takes place.

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