Is BT’s Android-powered Home SmartPhone the future of landlines?

BT has launched its first home phone with a touchscreen with access to Google Play and with 2GB worth storage for storing music and video files for the family.

Named the Home SmartPhone SII, the new device will offer services like access to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Tune-In Radio as well as ability to dial numbers directly from websites. It will retail at £169.99 when available in stores.

BT is also bringing its new Nuisance Call Blocking technology along with the phone. This will allow you to block a majority (up to 80 per cent) of unwanted calls like those from international numbers, withheld numbers, and unknown callers. You will also be able to block calls from upto 10 different numbers or activate 'Do Not Disturb' mode in the phone which will turn it silent.

Additional features in the Home SmartPhone SII include a remotely-accessible answering machine, hands free capability, available storage for 1500 contacts and ranges of 50 metres when indoors and 300 metres when outdoors.

In terms of specs, the 3.5” capacitive touch screen is complimented with a front facing camera for video calling. Based on the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system, the phone also offers multimedia options with a Tune-In Internet Radio App and video and music player.

Basically, even though the phone is a far cry from modern smartphones in terms of available services, it's an out and out landline phone which you can carry around the house and can access basic internet services through the browser and Google Play experience. Access to popular social media sites will also ensure that you'll stay connected even if your mobile phone isn't around or has run out of charge.

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