Apple Watch for Gaming: here's what you need to know

Since its launch, the Apple Watch has had developers drooling over the possibilities that the tech giant's latest gadget could bring to customers around the world. Subsequently, the Apple Watch Store boasted over three thousand apps for the Watch on April 24, a feat that would be the stuff of dreams for most smartwatch makers.

For gamers, however, the Apple Watch seemed to have little relevance. With a tiny screen capable of showing messages, notifications, call lists and of course the time, it would be practically impossible for the Watch to incorporate things as complicated and detailed as gaming platforms.

For those who have been closely following the Apple Watch, it is clear that the future isn't as bleak as it looks. Out of the 37 apps that have been bestowed the highest status by Apple, three are gaming apps. These include 'Rules!,' a twitch puzzle game containing animated characters with ten different stages, 'Best Fiends' strategy game which challenges the user to  overcome obstacles, collect treasures, defeat slugs and discover new powers and 'Peak' which helps the user assess his visual memory in 30 second slabs to improve brain power.

London-based Bossa Studios is preparing to launch a new gaming app for the Apple Watch. Named Spy_Watch, the game enables users to assume the role of a person wearing a futuristic watch. With specific missions to complete, users will have to instruct a fictional colleague on completing set tasks via messages and notifications every twenty minutes.

“We asked ourselves how we use a watch. You take it out maybe every 20 minutes, and use it for maybe three seconds. So we have to design a game that you play every 20 minutes for three to four seconds. That doesn’t exist,” said Bossa's Vince Farquharson.

"We provide the situation. Then the imagination bypasses the restrictions of the screen," he added.

With newer and more advanced games coming up in quick succession for the Apple Watch, we may step into previously uncharted territory in the near future when developers will discover new ways to accommodate games in the Watch's ecosystem and when Apple will come up with more advanced Watches with more juice for developers to practice their arts.

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