Apple's next iPad will also be its largest

Apple is on its way to launch the largest ever iPad later this year, if sources are to be believed.

Named the iPad Plus, the new device could feature a 12.9 inch screen, much larger than any iPad released so far by the Cupertino giant. Apple may have drawn inspiration from the success of the iPhone 6 Plus which has performed admirably so far despite stiff competition from similar-sized Android devices. The new iPad may also feature a pressure-sensitive Bluetooth stylus that will work on a pressure sensitive screen.

As revealed by a source close to Apple Insider, apart from the touch sensitivity, another unique feature to make its debut in iPads will be an NFC Radio that could work as a payment receiving terminal for Apple Pay.

Apple will also introduce a Force Click feature that users will be able to enjoy with the pressure-sensitive Force Touch trackpad. A click on the trackpad with a deeper press could reveal additional details like definitions, maps or previews of the item on which the cursor is placed.

Already incorporated in the Apple Watch, the Force Touch technology could also feature in the upcoming iPhone 6S which is expected to be launched in September, in line with Apple's release cycle for iPhones.

In terms of specs, apart from the ground breaking size, the new iPad Plus may also  feature a 2k screen, a thickness of 7mm and an impressive 11,000 mAH battery for a day-long usage without charging. For better music quality and surround sound experience, Apple may also incorporate it with four speakers. Two different charging ports could allow for charging options in both portrait and landscape modes.

Currently, the iPad Air 2 is the largest available iPad with dimensions of 9.4 inches by 6.7 inches. Even though the new device will be similar in size to Samsung's Galaxy Note Pro, its look and feel will be similar to the iPad Air 2.

The iPad Plus is expected to be launched by June with the official release to follow within a month or two. Sources claim that suppliers are already struggling to meet worldwide demands of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, and another device launch by Apple could further complicate the timelines.   

The news comes at a time when Apple's iPad sales recorded a 29 per cent drop in sales in the first quarter of 2015 when Apple's iPhones created new records with unprecedented sales across the world.

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