HTC announces limited edition of One M9 with Jourdan Dunn-inspired engravings

Exactly a couple of months after launching the (One) M9, their latest flagship phone, HTC have now roped in supermodel Jourdan Dunn to market a limited edition version of the M9.

The new version will feature engravings inspired by specially designed body art forms. As per reports, celebrity tattoo artist Cally-Jo Pothecary has already finished a design in collaboration with Jourdan Dunn. The limited edition release will take place under the HTC INK brand.


The design description goes like this:

“As she takes on more creative projects that express her individual style and personality, the hand and eye symbolise the need for protection and strength, combined with positive energy. The natural leaf-elements and patterns around the outside of each visual reflect her creative growth, whilst the sun and moon together indicate balance and harmony in her character."

HTC have so far not revealed further details about the new version like the release date, additional features, prices and countries where the limited edition will be available.

Jourdan Dunn has been a celebrity with a huge fan following for many years. She has worked with brands like Victoria’s Secret, Hilfiger, DKNY, Balmain, YSL Beauty, and TopShop along with running a cooking show in collaboration with celebrity rapper Jay-Z.

HTC's move doesn't come as a surprise at a time when technology and luxury are increasingly being merged together for customers with insatiable appetite for high-end products. Apple is leaving no stones turned to market the Apple Watch as a luxury brand, and many Swiss watchmakers are turning to designing smartwatches to remain viable in the coming days.

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