If you've got a wrist tattoo, the Apple Watch isn't for you

If you sport a lovely little tattoo on your wrist and feel an Apple Watch could look perfect on it, you need to think again.

Recent revelations from users who received their brand new Apple Watches indicate that a wrist tattoo and an Apple Watch aren't exactly a match made in heaven.

The Watch is a highly sensitive device, with its multifarious functions dependent on the slightest of touch, light and colour factors. The feel of your skin gives it a signal that you've worn it around your wrist. Now if you're sporting a wrist tattoo with strong colours like black and red, the Watch would latch on to it and will be sure that it definitely isn't your wrist. The result will be that it will remain locked and you won't be able to use it for running Apple Pay.

Similarly, the heart rate sensor uses green LED light to read heartbeats by calculating the light being absorbed by the blood and measure its flow through your wrist. The presence of a strong colour will inhibit this process and your heartbeat sensor will remain a complete dud.

However, natural skin colour won't inhibit the heart rate monitoring in the least, in case you're wondering. This is because the melanin pigment in our skin has its own way of reflecting infra red light which is captured by the sensors in your Apple Watch.

This observation is in no way specific to the Apple Watch, as other smartwatches and fitness trackers are also reliant on the same technology. Basically, it'll either be a tattoo or a functional smartwatch on your wrist. The choice is ultimately yours.

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