Here's how Facebook notifications will look like in the coming days

Facebook is in the process of revamping its notification system with the aim of diversifying the content available to users in the future.

Once the new template takes shape, your notifications list will include, among what you can already see, your friends' birthdays, recent events like concerts and local parties, trending topics, local news that will include popular news content as well as heppenings around your locality, and Nearby Friends which will help you see if your friends are nearby at a restaurant or an event.

With all these updates gate crashing your profile at the same time, there is a chance that you may find managing your Facebook page impossible o cumbersome in the least. While birthdays are helpful information, regular whereabouts of hundreds of Facebook friends throughout the day would be something you could live without, so are daily news topics which you can easily access elsewhere.

We certainly hope Facebook will bring in additional settings as well to let you customize the content that you want to see.

However, Facebook is upbeat about the revamp set to take place as far as notifications are concerned. ‘We are testing an updated notifications tab that adds additional, relevant content about everything that might be helpful to know on a particular day,’ a Facebook spokesman said.

We suspect Facebook's move could be a strategy to pitch itself as a news source, Twitter, Google+ and an events' list at the same time to ensure users do not have to look elsewhere. However, diversifying its content could soon shatter its relatively simple usage that users around the globe are so accustomed to.

We will get back with further updates on when the notifications will be implemented once Facebook makes a formal announcement.

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