When Android pee’d on Apple

A curious person would normally look around Google Maps trying to see how farms, buildings and entire cities look from above. Normally, people are too small to spot from space and you would hardly find someone on Google Maps going through his daily chores like walking, running, dancing, or maybe taking a piss.

But something happened today that had people rubbing their eyes and staring hard at their screens. Zooming in on the city of Rawalpindi in Pakistan, they found a well-known figure literally pissing on a fruit.

At a second look, it turned out that the familiar figure was actually an Android robot pissing on the logo of rival tech giant Apple.

While the image is still visible on Google Maps, users spotted yet another peculiar image a few miles away that said 'Google review policy is crap.'

While the actual locations will definitely not contain these figures, word is out that these are nothing but trolls planted by some Google employee with privileged access to Google Maps.

We are yet to hear from Google in this regard.

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