Gear up for Samsung’s next offering

Samsung is releasing fresh Software Development Kits (SDKs) for its upcoming Gear device, details of which are yet to be revealed to customers.

The release will enable developers to build apps for the seventh generation Gear device which, as per Samsung's press release, will look like a wrist watch.

We are not sure yet about the release date, specifications or pricing of the next Gear, but Samsung has allowed us a peek into the device's structure  by revealing a picture of a round smartwatch, something which we have never associated Gear devices with.

So far, smartwatch makers like Motorola, LG and Huawei have launched circular smartwatches to  global customers.

Speaking at the launch, JK Shin, CEO at Samsung Electronics, said, “Through meaningful and progressive innovation, Samsung welcomes to developers and industry leaders to join this open collaboration effort to enrich and create unique user experiences for a new smart mobile life.”

Samsung has been involved in a prolonged fist-fight for market domination with Apple's iPhones, but its share in the wearable market has not been threatened. Until now.

With an estimated three million pre-orders globally, the Apple Watch is set to surpass Samsung as the highest grossing wearable yet, that too in the first few weeks of its release. A new smartwatch from Samsung to counter the trend would surely not be unexpected, but we're not sure if a circular wrist watch will be enough to pull away customers from the Apple Watch. At least not until Samsung release a full list of specs for the 7th generation Gear device.

However, much like the LG Watch Urbane, if the next Gear device can accommodate the latest Android Wear technologies like the WiFi calling feature and always-on apps, Samsung would surely be able to project the Gear as a viable alternative in the near future.

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