App Store for Apple Watch goes live today!

The Apple Watch Store is live now. Coinciding with in-store availability, the Store launch has brought in over 3000 new apps for the Apple Watch, with the numbers set to expand to over 100,000 apps by the end of the year.

If you are lucky to receive your pre-ordered Apple Watch today, you will have the option to download apps across genres like health, travel, communications, work and family. You can view these through the pre-installed Apple Watch app in your iPhone.

You can also enjoy a few apps designed by Apple for the Watch like the Apple Pay and apps that help with checking mails and messages, monitoring your fitness levels, listening to music and controlling the Apple TV.

With over a million pre-orders in the United States alone, if most deliveries take place in April itself, the Apple Watch store will surely be a very congested place in the coming days. Recently, celebrities in the US like         Beyonce, Kate Perry and Drake have been spotted sporting their new premium Apple Watches in public.

Users have mostly been lured by the Watch's compatibility with the iOS ecosystem, along with hundreds of watch faces on offer across three different designs. Ranging from the premium Edition to the stylish Sports version, the Watch appeals to customers who prefer high-end luxury products, professionals as well as college students.

You can also know more about how to download and manage new Apple Watch apps through free workshops conducted by Apple in several retail stores in the UK. To take place once every 90 minutes, the two workshops will run for seven days a week to ensure that every new owner of the Watch gets a chance to attend at least one of these programmes. Attendance would in fact be determined by how many buyers actually receive their Watches on the 24th itself, and if you are an in-store buyer, you should probably wait till June for your turn.

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