Ubuntu 15.04 is in: Here are 5 reasons why you'll find it useful

The latest Ubuntu 15.04 operating system has been released today. Optimized for desktops, Kylin systems, Internet of Things and Ubuntu phones, it will be available for download from Thursday onwards.

We compiled a list of five reasons why Ubuntu 15.04 could be a real deal for you.


More juice for developers

Offering access to Android NKD and Android Studio to developers for the first time, the new OS will also introduce a Firefox developer edition as well as a new game development platform named Stencyl.

Previously known as Ubuntu Developer Tools Centre, Ubuntu Make aims to ensure that users will now have access to a large number of advanced games to play in their PCs and laptops.

For Chinese users, the new Ubuntu Kylin 15.04 will bring in new integrated menus and click-to-minimise features.


Spruced up Office platform

Competing with Microsoft Office may seem farfetched at the moment, but Ubuntu seems to be getting there with the LibreOffice 4.4 adding support to digitally signed PDFs, Sharepoint and OneDrive. It will also provide better formatting with tables as well as mail merge performance.


Better IoT ecosystem

The leaner and meaner Ubuntu Core can power  drones, robots, network switches, mobile base stations, industrial gateways and IoT home hubs through a more versatile app store and an open platform which can work with devices ranging from tiny embedded boards to high end switches and routers. The new 64-bit Intel chips add to the multi-functionality of the Ubuntu Core.


Support for smartphones

As an OS for smartphones, Ubuntu isn't really the most popular o well known in the field. However, the new version will power new phones like the BQ Aquaris E4.5 and the Meizu MX4.

If these phones hit off well with the customers, we could see more smartphone makers opt for the Ubuntu platform in the future. This seems less likely as of now.


Better Cloud support

Vivid Vervet, the name for the latest Ubuntu 15.04 for cloud and servers, will also be available for download from Thursday onwards. To benefit from greater acceptability and usage of cloud technologies, the new OpenStack Kilo is bringing in features like Distributed Virtual Routing (DVR) and suport for ZeroMQ to make cloud management more efficient and simpler.

The OpenStack technology can be used widely by telcos, carriers, large enterprises and service providers for their cloud-based activities.


While Ubuntu has brought in a series of changes to its existing operating system for various platforms, the success of the OS will always depend on user acceptability which at this time seems a major challenge with much larger enterprises like Microsoft and Apple competing for space.

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