Google brings in Android Wear updates as Apple Watch sales soar

Barely days before Apple starts delivering pre-ordered Apple Watches to expectant customers, Google has introduced several new ground-breaking features in its Android Wear platform for wearables that could hit the streets as fast as in the next seven days.

If you thought it is expected from Google to bring in a few spoilers to put brakes on Apple's runaway success with the Watch, what you'll read now should probably suggest that these are a lot more than mere spoilers. Watch out Tim Cook.


Wi-Fi connectivity:

If you thought your watch will always be a dud if the smartphone isn't around, you're in for a surprise.

Android Wear will now ensure that your smartwatch can remain connected to the internet even if it doesn't have the Bluetooth support of your phone. This is due to a new feature that can connect to any available Wi-Fi connection to let your smartwatch help you with your business if your phone isn't around.


Always-on apps:

While we're sure that you aren't new to the concept of 'always-on' screens in modern smartwatches, the next smartwatch you'll buy will have apps that'll always 'stay on' despite the watch going to sleep. This will be great for you if you prefer not to open an app constantly to view updates.

An app which you want to stay on at all times will fade to a paler black and while colour when you're not looking, a smart way to ensure you won't work up the battery too much.


Access to contacts and apps

Another feature introduced in Android Wear technology is set to do away with the hassle of looking for apps and contacts. Now you will be able to access them with a simple tap on the home screen, as against giving voice commands to your watch in the middle of a market.


Emoji enabled

If you love using those colourful emojis while you chat with your friends, Android Wear will now help you use them in your smartwatch. The theory is simple. Just tap on the reply option in a message and then on the 'draw emoji' option. A new screen will let you draw the emoji that you wish to use and Google will pick it up for you.


Wrist flick navigation

If your Android Wear smartwatch was becoming to much of a bother because you had to use both hands to flick through the notifications and updates, another new feature will ensure your days of bother are over.

You will now be able to flick through new notifications with a mere flick of your wrist. This will ensure you'll save some precious time and effort and keep your other arm free for other things.


While the Apple Watch is set to capture over half the wearables market in the first month of its release, these new updates from Google at the same time seem to be revolutionary in the least. With wearables like Asus Zenwatch, LG G Watch R, Moto 360, Samsung Gear Live, Sony Smartwatch 3 and the Huawei Watch relying on the Android Wear technology to keep themselves afloat in the market in the coming months, Google seems to have delivered in the time being.

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