Want your selfies to show up in your Apple Watch? Instagram is making an app for you

Instagram is on the verge of launching an app for the upcoming Apple Watch in a move that will mark its arrival in the wearable market for the first time.

Extremely popular among smartphone and tablet users, Instagram never ventured into the world of smartwatches despite major tech players like Sony, LG, Motorola and Samsung launching their smartwatches regularly in the last two years.

Speaking to the Financial Times, Instagram designer Ian Silber said, "I think the Watch is really about quick information and notifications. It's a huge use case that's going to be a little bit different."

Developing for the Watch is definitely fun but they kept it pretty scoped and limited. That's smart because it helps shape the types of apps that come out in version one. You don't want an app with a ton of features on your watch; you want one screen that tells you the most important information," he added.

Instagram aims to keep the app as simple as possible to adjust to the limited scope of the Watch. However, if you can take selfies, edit them and share with friends through Facebook or Twitter from the Apple Watch, you would be pretty happy with it.

We are yet to hear from Apple regarding Instagram's surprizing move. However, thousands of apps are either ready or being readied across the world in time for the Apple Watch's release on April 24th. These include popular apps like Uber, Target and American Airlines among others.

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