Confused about the Apple Watch? Apple has a solution for you

Apple will run free workshops for new owners of the Apple Watch come 24th April. To participate in the workshops, new owners will be required to reserve their spots in advance for the programme and, needless to say, must be owners of Apple Watches.

A quick peek by MacRumours revealed that the workshop will basically teach users about Glances, watch faces, gestures and more. Users will have to carry their watches along with their iPhones (iPhone 5 or later versions) to be able to participate.

A 'Stay in Touch with Apple Watch' programme will also be conducted in several retail stores in the UK. This programme will focus on how to use the Watch for communications like responsing to messages and mail, take calls, sending heartbeats and locations.

To take place once every 90 minutes, the two workshops will run for seven days a week to ensure that every new owner of the Watch gets a chance to attend at least one of these programmes. Attendance would in fact be determined by how many buyers actually receive their Watches on the 24th itself, and in-store buyers should probably wait till June for their turn.

If you have indeed placed an order for the Apple Watch, we suggest you attend one of these programmes. They're free, and there's a chance a gadget as small as a watch will take some effort to figure out, especially when it hides so many features in its tiny frame.

It's better to be safe than sorry, especially if you own an Apple Watch Edition.

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