Channel 4 bets big on mobile gaming

In a move to jump on the mobile gaming bandwagon, Channel 4 is strengthening ties with game developers to allow the latter to use its titles for new smartphone games.

In return, Channel 4 will receive a share of revenues generated from the sales and distribution of the games by developers.

While mobile gaming is not a new field for Channel 4, the move will help the channel to expand its reach in the genre that is increasingly replacing PCs and gaming consoles as the primary gaming tool by the new generation.

A new research conducted in the United States recently revealed that mobile gaming makes up over 18 per cent of the global gaming market, more than twice the reach of PCs. In UK alone, there are over 20 million mobile gamers, just short of 22 million social media users. The world of mobile gaming has soared in the last few years thanks to popular games like Candy Crush Saga, The Simpsons, Top Eleven and Clash of Clans.

Previously, the channel has funded its own mobile games like The Snowman and Snowdog and The Hollyoaks Game. Colin Macdonald, Games Commissioning Editor at C4, said, “With over 1.5m apps for users to choose from now, discoverability has become the biggest problem facing mobile game developers so it’s exciting to be able to do even more to support them and promote their amazing work to a wider audience.”

With a target market of 715k iOS gamers, 364k Android gamers and 52k Windows gamers in the UK alone, Channel 4 can't be faulted for being optimistic in the days ahead.

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