How would you like 60% more battery in your wearable?

ARM is investing in a new technology that would make batteries in wearable devices last as much as 60 per cent longer.

The new Cordio Bluetooth technology is focussed on developing low-power radio IP technology for wearables which guzzle a lot of battery power in a short time. The technology enables wearables to use less than 1V of power at a time, allowing batteries to remain active for longer durations between charges.

This will come as great news for wearable buffs who make use of fitness tracking and the multi-functionalities that their wearables offer but are usually disappointed with the battery power.

Being developed thanks to ARM's acquisition of Sunrise Micro Devices and Wicentric firms which specialize in low-power technologies using Bluetooth and associated software stacks, there has been no update yet on when the Cordio system will be enrolled and at what price.

Even though ARM have not specified which all smartwatches and smartbands will be compatible with the Cordio technology, we are sure Tim Cook will be massively interested given the Apple Watch is nearing its official release date.

Having logged over two million pre-orders in a week, Apple may have confirmed its domination in the wearable industry but it still needs to perfect the battery life which has been a niggling issue since the Watch took shape as Apple's next big product.




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