Jawbone unveils new smartband trio, one with contactless NFC payment system

Jawbone has finally announced the release of two new fitness trackers that will work via wireless Bluetooth connectivity with Android and iOS smartphones.

The Up2 and the Up3 do not contain any displays, and their functionalities can be viewed through connected smartphones via the purple Jawbone app.


Jawbone Up3

The Up3 heart rate band, available for $180, is a splashproof wearable with an adjustable metal clasp. While wearing it during swimming could be risky, it will be safe to wear while taking a shower or washing hands.

Using a bio-impedance technology that Jawbone acquired in 2013, the Up3  can track heart rate, ambient and skin temperature, galvanic skin response and stress measurements.

One of the slimmest fitness trackers around, it contains LED status lights and can be sharged through a magnetic USB dongle that fits on the back of the wearable.


Jawbone Up2

A replacement for the Up24 band that was released last year, the Up2 carries the same design as the Up3 along with a 7-day battery life. It is also considerably cheaper than the Up3 with a $100 price tag.

Even though there is no heart rate tracker in the Up2, functions like sleep monitoring and activity tracking can be performed with ease. To hit retail stores on 19th April, the Up2 will be available in light grey and silver colour options.


Both the Up2 and the Up3 wearables are currently available in the US and availability in Europe will probably be 'later this year' as confirmed by Jawbone.


Jawbone Up4

Considered the most advanced among the three wearables, the Up4 smartband will be released later this summer. The most significant feature of the Up4 will be the added NFC terminal for mobile payments, similar to the Apple Pay feature in iPhones.

The payment terminal is installed on a Up3 band and can make payments just upon a tap without involving any passwords. While this could be a security threat, you can get the payment number deactivated at any time by notifying your bank.

Like the Up3, it can also serve fitness functions like tracking heart rate, ambient and skin temperature, galvanic skin response and stress measurements.

Only American Express cardholders will be able to operate the Up4 and the NFC system can only be used on terminals that accept American Express cards. We are yet to hear from Jawbone on whether other credit card companies can sync their payment systems with the Up4 in the near future.

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