Winds of change are in for iOS!

Apple has announced that it’s much anticipated Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) will take place in San Francisco from 8th to 12th June this year.

As confirmed by Philip Schiller, Apple's Senior VP of Worldwide Marketing, the focus of this year's WWDC will be on introducing new technologies for the iOS and OS X that will enable developers to create next generation apps for future iOS platforms.

Expected by observers to be the launch event for the iOS 9 platform, the announcement on WWDC came just days after Apple secured three new iOS related design patents for mail and messages. These include a new technology for sending voice messages, a new Mail user interface for More, Fag and Delete options and a new interface for notifications.

Apart from implementing newly acquired patents, expectations are ripe for Apple to bring in improvements to the Maps app, a more humanized Siri, more options for clubbing similar apps in folders and more battery saving features.

While these updates are probably in the pipeline, Apple isn't in any way limiting itself to tightening a few nuts and bolts around the existing iOS platform.

Apple has now acquired an Israeli firm named LinX Imaging which specializes in 3D technology for cameras. The firm explains its role as "utilizing state-of-the-art multi aperture imaging technology that combines innovative image processing, advanced sensor and optics technology, our cameras set new standards for image quality parameters such as low light performance, HDR, refocusing, colour fidelity, shutter lag and more."

If this technology is indeed incorporated in the next iPhone, we will enter a whole new world of smartphone camera quality that could relegate DSLRs into oblivion. Whether iOS 9 will allow developers to create apps for such a camera will be for all of us to find out in the coming months.

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