Guess how many pre-ordered the Apple Watch?

Actually a lot. A number that has seven zeroes in it. A million!

In United States alone, pre-orders numbered up to a million units on the opening day alone, with the Apple Watch Sport model leading the way with the maximum bookings. By this weekend, global pre-orders are expected to reach the 3 million milestone, enough to make the Apple Watch the most successful "new product category" launch ever.

Users have mostly been lured by the Watch's compatibility with the iOS ecosystem, along with hundreds of watch faces on offer across three different designs. Ranging from the premium Edition to the stylish Sports version, the Watch appeals  to customers who prefer high-end luxury products, professionals as well as college students.

However, the fairy tale has begun to stare at a new twist. Following truckloads of pre-orders, Apple is beginning to defer deliveries of the Watch by and in some cases, over a month. A large number of customers have been told to expect deliveries as late as June.

Given the spate of pre-orders and large crowds around every possible physical outlet around the world, Apple is reportedly ramping up the watch production to churn out a minimum of 20 million watches before the end of this year. While this would ultimately satisfy the rising demand in the long term, significant delays could also prompt some customers to look elsewhere in a market that already has firms like Samsung, Pebble, Sony, LG and Motorola displaying their wares.

In 2014, out of a total of 4.8 million smartwatches sold globally, Samsung led the way with 1.2 million watches followed by Pebble and Fitbit at 7,00,000 and 6,00,000 units respectively. The Apple Watch has almost equaled Samsung's efforts of the whole year on the very first day and a few more days with similar numbers could turn the smartwatch industry upside down for the rest of the year.

Interesting days are ahead!

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